The core of this work is a rhythmic, patterned, special blend of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, rehab and trigger point therapies with detailed face, scalp, hand and footwork interspersed throughout the session. Heat therapy in the form of hot packs and hot stones is applied as needed, as is aromatherapy appropriate to each person’s specific needs.

From common muscle imbalances to post-surgery scar tissue prevention and complex issues like TMJ, frozen shoulder and scoliosis, these techniques work. And they keep your hurt on table and after to a minimum, so that you can better enjoy both your massage and your life in general.

In our practice, when we’re working on particular muscle sets, we run through specific therapeutic protocols. Making those protocols fit into patterned, rhythmic, flowing sessions that will both fix your muscular issues and be relaxing takes time. As such, we only offer sessions of 90 minutes or more for table massage.


November 14, 2015