Because I provide services to high covid-risk populations and because the Delta variant poses increased risks for both high risk and regular patients, I’m still maintaining a fairly high level of risk-mitigating practices, including:

  • Being vaccinated, and only working with vaccinated persons
  • Weekly covid testing to catch possible asymptomatic breakthroughs
  • Having clients mask in the building both on and off my table
  • Wearing a K95 mask myself at all times while in the building
  • Asking people to wait in their cars or outside for a text or call to enter, rather than waiting in my lobby
  • Verbal, temperature and pulse oximeter screenings for covid
  • Thorough surface sanitation between clients and the heavy use of air purifiers
  • High levels of covid risk management outside my practice

For those looking to better quantify their covid risk in visiting my office, this scenario can give you a better idea.